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One of BAK's in the region of Mondwe
date : 08/07/2008
  From the 16th of June till the 4th of July, an itinerant team consisting of two representatives of BAK and accompanied by an agent from the Provincial Ministry of the Environment, went in the region of Mondwe on the Lufira, at the northern limit of the Upemba National Park. This team had for mission to deliver a communication unit including a radio transmitter and its supply by solar panels. This unit was intended for the Great Chief Kayumba in support for his actions for the protection of the elephants in its region. BAK's team taught the villagers techniques to keep away elephants based on the repulsive effect of chillies. These techniques are successfully used in numerous african countries.
BAK will return there to complete the villagers' training and see what the results obtained thanks to these methods were.

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