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Botanical training
date : 16/04/2008
  On the 14-15-16th of April, the agronomy faculty on the UNILU (University of Lubumbashi) organised, in collaboration with BAK, a botanical and plant ecology initiation fieldtrip. This fieldtrip brought together students and assistants at the Mikembo Sanctuary. Its aim was to form students interested in botany on field methodology to describe and study the floral composition of different plant groups. The herbaria composed then will enrich the botanical collections at the University. At the end of the training, the student who had compposed the best herbarium got given a price.
A final report presenting the floral composition of the ecological groups of the Mikembo sanctuary , species description and their classification will be established. The interpretation of the conservation value of the site's different ecological groups as well as the inventory of species having a high biological value (medicinal or alimentary indigenous species,...) will also be presented in this report.

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