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BAK organizes a Post-Graduate Diploma in Agronomy
date : 31/01/2011
  The collaboration of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and of the University of Liège - Gembloux Agro Bio Tech as well as that of the Belgian scientific Institutions was obtained. Professors from the North joined Professors from the South to give lectures. The following subjects were given:
Plant biodiversity: Shutcha and Meerts
Ecology: Shutcha and Meerts
Landscape Ecology: Munyemba and Bogaert
Pedology: Mpundu and Colinet
Plant physiology: Chipeng and Verbruggen
Phylogeny, ecology and preservation of Vertebrates: Louette and Craig
Invertebrates Biodiversity: Josens
Biodiversity (concepts and applications): Ilunga and Mahy
Seminars: Jocqué (royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren), Degreef (National Botanical garden of Belgium, Meise)
Ten students were selected to follow this education.

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