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Slaughter of an elephant at Buyaba by agents of the ICCN
date : 15/04/2009
  After a meticulous investigation and verification by the competant authorities we regret to inform the public that on February the 12th 2009, agents of the ICCN went in the village of Buyaba and fired at a herd of elephants. An animal riddled with 16 bullets went to die a bit farther. The Great Chief of Kayumba expressed his deep dissatisfaction and asked the authorities to carry out an investigation. It is incomprehensible that agents of the ICCN who are in charge of the conservation of nature can act in such a way, especially outside of the protected areas under their jurisdiction.
BAK asked for explanations to the provincial manager of the ICCN.
BAK will do everything it can so that all the light is made on this incident.

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