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Grus carunculatus 

Actual scientific name :   Grus carunculatus 
Old scientific name :   Bugeranus carunculatus 
French name :   Grue caronculée
English name :   Wattled Crane
Vernacular name :  
Likolongo, Likolwa (Kiluba) ; mu-n-fyungu sp. grue = M-punga-nhenze (Kitabwa); munkolonga, ipanda (Lunda) ; ilikolongo, ikolongo, likolongo (Kibemba)


Call :  
Description :   This large crane can not be confused with another bird. Its long white wattles and its long grey wings are diagnostic.  
Habitat :   Sedentary bird in Katanga, it is mostly seen in the large graasy plains of the high plateaus. Common in the Upemba and Kundelungu parks, it used to be seen in flocks of up to 20.  
Behaviour :   Usually silent. Still present in our protected areas, the crane is one of the last animals to have escaped poaching.  
Diet :    
Life history :   Nidification in the UNP takes place during the rainy season. Elsewhere in Africa, wattled cranes are becoming more and more rare. Constructions of hydroelectric dams in South Africa and in Zimbabwe are one of the causes of this decline by suppressing sites that were adapted for nidification. Indeed, cranes build their nests on the ground in flooded plains in order to escape terrestrial predators.
The Wattled Crane is classified as endangered.  
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History, Ethnology, Sociology
Interactions with humans :   None.  
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