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Actual Scientific name : French name English name
Andropadus gracilirostris gracilirostris Bulbul bec grle  Slender-billed Greenbul 
Andropadus gracilis gracilis Bulbul gracile  Little Grey Greenbul 
Andropadus latirostris eugenius Bulbul moustaches jaunes  Yellow-whiskered Greenbul 
Andropadus masukuensis kakamegae Bulbul des Monts Masuku  Shelley's Greenbul 
Andropadus nigriceps kikuyensis Bulbul tte grise  Mountain Greenbul 
Andropadus virens zombensis Bulbul verdtre  Little Greenbul 
Baeopogon indicator indicator Bulbul indicateur  Honeyguide Greenbul 
Bleda syndactyla syndactyla Bulbul moustac queue rousse  Red-tailed (Common) Bristlebill 
Chlorocichla flavicollis flavigula Bulbul gorge jaune  Yellow-throated Leaflove 
Chlorocichla flaviventris occidentalis Bulbul ventre jaune  Yellow-bellied Greenbul 
Chlorocichla laetissima schoutedeni Bulbul joyeux  Joyful Greenbul 
Neolestes torquatus Bulbul collier noir  Black-collared Bulbul Shrike 
Nicator chloris Bulbul pie-griche  Western Nicator 
Phyllastrephus cabanisi sucosus Bulbul bec gris  Cabanis's Greenbull 
Phyllastrephus cerviniventris Bulbul vert-olive  Grey-olive Greenbul 
Phyllastrephus flavostriatus olivaceogriseus Bulbul stries jaunes  Yellow-streaked Greenbul 
Phyllastrephus terrestris intermedius Bulbul de brousse  Terrestrial Brownbul 
Pycnonotus barbatus tricolor Bulbul commun  Common Bulbul 
Pyrrhurus scandens orientalis Bulbul queue rousse  Leaf-Love 

Warning :

This database was established according to official pieces of work and with the help of famous scientists. However, there might be some errors.

The vernacular names were collected in the field and in the colonial literature from the first part of the 20th century. The monks who established the first dictionaries were not necessarily informed naturalists. Therefore, errors must have been committed.

We invite everyone who could help us to improve this working tool to contact us in order to correct us and share her/his knowledge with us.

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