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Actual Scientific name : French name English name
Buccanodon duchaillui Barbican à taches jaunes  Yellow-spotted Barbet 
Gymnobucco bonapartei cinereiceps Barbu à gorge grise  Grey-throated Barbet 
Lybius minor macclounii Barbicau de Levaillant  Black-backed Barbet 
Lybius torquatus congicus Barbicau à collier noir  Black-collared Barbet 
Pogoniulus bilineatus leucolaima Barbu à gorge blanche  Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird 
Pogoniulus bilineatus mfumbiri Barbu à croupion doré  Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird 
Pogoniulus chrysoconus extoni Petit barbu à front jaune  Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird 
Pogoniulus scolopaceus flavisquamatus Petit Barbu grivelé  Speckled Tinkerbird 
Scactolaema whytii Barbu de Whyte ?  Whyte's Barbet 
Stactolaema anchietae katanga Barbu d'Anchieta  Anchieta's Barbet 
Trachyphonus vaillantii suahelicus Trachyphom de Levaillant  Crested Barbet 
Trycholaema frontata Barbu à diadème  Miombo Pied Barbet 
Trycholaema hirsuta ansorgii Barbu hérissé  Hairy-breasted Barbet 

Warning :

This database was established according to official pieces of work and with the help of famous scientists. However, there might be some errors.

The vernacular names were collected in the field and in the colonial literature from the first part of the 20th century. The monks who established the first dictionaries were not necessarily informed naturalists. Therefore, errors must have been committed.

We invite everyone who could help us to improve this working tool to contact us in order to correct us and share her/his knowledge with us.

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