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Actual Scientific name : French name English name
Alopochen aegyptiacus Oie d'Egypte, Ouette  Egyptian Goose 
Anas capensis Sarcelle du Cap  Cape Teal 
Anas erythrorhyncha Canard à bec rouge  Red-billed Teal 
Anas hottentota Sarcelle hottentote  Hottentot Teal 
Anas querquedula Sarcelle d'été  Garganey 
Anas sparsa leucostigma Canard noir  African Black Duck 
Anas undulata undulata Canard à bec jaune  Yellow-billed Duck 
Dendrocygna bicolor Dendrocygne fauve  Fulvous Whistling-duck 
Dendrocygna viduata Dendrocygne veuf  White-faced Whistiling-duck 
Netta erythrophtalama brunnea Oie naine ou sarcelle à oreillons  African Pygmy Goose 
Nettapus auritus Anserelle naine  African Pygmy Goose 
Plectropterus gambensis gambensis Oie de Gambie (ou armée)  Spur-winged Goose 
Pteronetta hartlaubii Canard de Hartlaub  Hartlaub's Duck 
Sarkidiornis melanotos melanotos Canard casqué  Knob-billed Duck, Comb Duck 
Thalassornis leuconotus leuconotus Canard à dos blanc  White-Backed Duck 

Warning :

This database was established according to official pieces of work and with the help of famous scientists. However, there might be some errors.

The vernacular names were collected in the field and in the colonial literature from the first part of the 20th century. The monks who established the first dictionaries were not necessarily informed naturalists. Therefore, errors must have been committed.

We invite everyone who could help us to improve this working tool to contact us in order to correct us and share her/his knowledge with us.

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