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“Biodiversité au Katanga” ( BAK) is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) with Congolese rights whose aim is to preserve the natural heritage of Katanga.
Our organization is convinced that conservation cannot be separate from development. We therefore conceive all our projects with respect to the improvement of rural and urban populations. We particularly insist on education and scientific research.
We do not focus solely on the protected areas: our aim is to preserve the fauna and the flora of the whole province.

We are convinced that hunting and fishing are not necessarily incompatible with nature conservation as long as the fauna stock is managed in a coherent way.  

In our site headings "news " and "archives " you will find the reports of our recent and/or past activities.

We hope that our database on the vertebrates of Katanga will be a useful tool for scientists as well as for naturalists and hobbyist. Renowned international institutions assist us in our permanent effort to improve it and keep it up to date.

Our organization welcomes everyone who is willing to invest in promoting and realizing our aims. We specially look for funds that will help us to reach our goals.

Actual composition of the board of directors:

President :   HASSON Michel
Vice-president : NGONGO LUHEMBWE Michel et SEGERS Jean-François
Administrators : ANASTASSIOU Michel
Commissaire aux comptes :

FRANCO Graziella


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