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Phalacrocorax africanus africanus 

Actual scientific name :   Phalacrocorax africanus africanus 
Old scientific name :   Phalacrocorax africanus africanus 
French name :   Cormoran pygmée africain
English name :   Long-tailed Cormorant, Reed Cormorant
Vernacular name :  
Musofi (Kiluba); kakonko, Mulondwe (Kilamba) akatofio, inondo et kakonko (Kibemba) ; kandubu (Tshiluba); Kitabwa: musobo, musombo (Kitabwa) ; mulondu, kasafu (Lunda)


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Description :   Smaller than the White-breasted cormorant, it is black with pale spotting on the back when adult (juveniles have pale underparts). Yellow bill, red eyes. Males have a crest on their forehead. 
Habitat :   Very common almost everywhere there is water. Even if not really gregarious, can be observed in groups of many thousands on the Upemba lake. 
Behaviour :   They are less gregarious then their cousin.
Dive to catch the fish they eat. Often considerated by fish farmers as the propagator of diplostomiase, a parasitaric disease that renders fish blind. Like to perch with open wings. Not sure about the why of this behaviour. Might not necessarily be to dry as they sometimes adopt it just before diving when they are completely dry.  
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