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Amietophrynus maculatus 

Actual scientific name :   Amietophrynus maculatus 
Old scientific name :   Bufo maculatus pusillus 
French name :  
English name :   Hallowell’s Toad; Flat-backed Toad
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Description :   Toad with very warty skin. Male measures 46 mm on average and female measures 51 mm on average. Male has a subgular vocal sac. In males, the tip of the warts is quite thorny. Back is brown or yellowish. Extremities are paler and venter is grey or white. The wrats are covered with black dots. Usually a light vertebral stripe runs from the eyes to the end of the body. Sometimes dark patches are also present on the back of the animal. Males have a black throat covered with yellow or white dots. The iris is silverish or golden.
Habitat :   Savannas. 
Behaviour :   Nocturnal. Except during the breeding season, they are found in savanas and forests, more precisely under rotten logs, in holes, in cracks or between roots. 
Diet :   Insects, mainly ants and termites. 
Life history :   Females lay in puddles or rock pools. The two gelatinous egg strings comprise between 2000 and 8000 eggs with a diameter of 1.5 mm. The tadpoles hatch after 2 days. 
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