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Actual Scientific name : French name English name
Chiloglanis batesii    
Chiloglanis elisabethianus    
Chiloglanis lufirae    
Chiloglanis lukugae    
Chiloglanis macropterus    
Chiloglanis marlieri    
Chiloglanis microps    
Chiloglanis neumanni   Neumann's suckermouth  
Chiloglanis pojeri    
Euchilichthys astatodon    
Euchilichthys boulengeri    
Euchilichthys guentheri    
Euchilichthys royauxi    
Synodontis acanthomias    
Synodontis alberti   Bigeye squeaker  
Synodontis angelicus   Angel squeaker  
Synodontis congicus    
Synodontis cuangoanus    
Synodontis decorus   Clown squeaker  
Synodontis dhonti    
Synodontis dorsomaculatus    
Synodontis granulosus    
Synodontis greshoffi    
Synodontis katangae    
Synodontis lufirae    
Synodontis multipunctatus    
Synodontis nigromaculatus   Blackspotted squeaker  
Synodontis notatus   Onespot squeaker  
Synodontis nummifer    
Synodontis ornatipinnis    
Synodontis pleurops   Congo squeaker  
Synodontis polystigma    
Synodontis smiti    
Synodontis tanganyicae    
Synodontis unicolor    
Synodontis zambezensis   Plain squeaker  

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This database was established according to official pieces of work and with the help of famous scientists. However, there might be some errors.

The vernacular names were collected in the field and in the colonial literature from the first part of the 20th century. The monks who established the first dictionaries were not necessarily informed naturalists. Therefore, errors must have been committed.

We invite everyone who could help us to improve this working tool to contact us in order to correct us and share her/his knowledge with us.

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